Do we Install and Deliver?

Yes, we will install & Deliver. Pricing will depend on size of installation and size, weight and distance of delivery.

Do you carry stock cabinets?

No, we do not carry stock cabinets.

We take great pride that there are no stock cabinets here at The Cabinet Shop. All of our cabinetry is custom designed with intricate details from dove tail joinery to blind mortise and tenon with many other custom details that set us apart from other cabinet businesses. Every detail is designed specifically to our clients desires.

What is Custom Cabinetry?

Custom cabinetry is made especially for you. 100%. All dimensions, layout, style, color, number of doors, drawers, etc. are to be made exactly as you want them. You do not have to choose from a pre-determined selection of cabinet dimensions or styles. We build and finish the cabinetry to fit your home perfectly for years to come. With pre-made cabinetry the owner often must sacrifice some aspect; we are the opposite and make use of all space and configure everything to fit perfectly.

What determines price of Custom Cabinets?

Depending on the job scale, some projects can be quoted directly online or even over the phone. Others may require a brief visit to your home to measure the areas and discuss the job more thoroughly. Prices are quoted based on several factors including size and scope of job, complexity, finish type (painted or stained), wood variety and amenities.

Do you remove old cabinets before replacing with new cabinetry?

Yes, we will remove and dispose of your old cabinets before installing your new cabinetry.

I know what I would like, what is the next step to take?

We will make the process simple for you. If you have a specific idea in mind simply call or email with those specifications. A picture is always a great way to showcase your ideas. If you are working with a contractor that already has a design plan simply have them email the 3D model, floor plan and blueprints to us.

What type of spaces do you build cabinetry for?

We build custom cabinetry for Kitchen, Bath, Closets, Home Office, Study,  Entertainment spaces, Outdoor Kitchen spaces. Anywhere custom cabinetry can be designed we can build it.

Do you accept Credit Card Payments?

Yes, we accept credit card. We accept all legitimate forms of payment.

Do we make Countertops?

Yes, we make custom wooden countertops in different species of wood. Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Oak. Others can be made by request. All our Countertops are finished in a VOC compliant and have a food grade sealant.