Charcuterie Boards for Sale

Big City Greens


Big City Greens is rich with detail, from the unique handle to the inlayed walnut dovetail key, this piece finds its identity in its unique shape. Cherry Burl 33x10x2

Cheese Slayer


This heavy piece takes the feel of a battle axe. It’s blade, the natural figure of the live edge, surrounded by the reddish brown hues, indicative to cherry. Cherry Burl 27x17x2

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Cherry Blossomed (Sold)


The delicate ring sets this piece apart from the rest. The color changes dramatically leading to the edge. Cherry Burl 26x17x2

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DiWali (Sold)


Live edge Cherry Burl, at a beefy 2″ thickness, displays a natural valley down the piece, where the pith once rested. Perfect to display your fruits for your guest. Cherry Burl 17.1/2×17.1/2×2



The twin bowtie joints accent the extreme color patterns of this Cherry Burl on the leading edge. The gentle transition into a smooth handle and back add a perfect contrast between nature and craft. Cherry Burl 28x18x2

Gilded Dutchman


The grain patterns flow through this board to reveal what could be a pool, as the section of burl sets itself apart. A double dutchman joint, Birdseye Maple in Walnut, supports the structure as well as adds to the beauty. 48x24x1.1/2

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Greenseer (Sold)


Pulled from a maple burl, this piece reveals birds eye figuring over the entire board. The natural edge reveals itself more often than not, creating a visually striking piece that could serve as an art display or server your guests. 21x21x1.1/2

Heart of The Sea


Cherry Burl is center stage as the wood grain flows around, pouring off the side into a live edge. 31x13x1.3/4

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Le Cerf Agile (Sold)


This stout looking piece showcases the patterns of the cherry burl as it pours over into a live edge, with little distraction outside of its unique handle. Cherry Burl 22x11x2

The Seated Queen


Live edge Birdseye Maple, sits above the rest. Complete figuring throughout the piece captures the eye in dramatic fashion. Maple Burl –  Birdseye maple clear figuring 16x15x2



Shaped from a Claro Walnut burl, it’s hard to think of anything but the master piece violins of Messiah Stradivarius. Claro Walnut 11x21x1.1/2

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Sequoia_Semperviren (Sold)


Each side unique, transition from a near white on one end, to a near black on the other. The contrast frames the structure of the burl perfectly. Cherry Burl23x16x2

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Ring of Fire (Sold)


The Ring of Fire is a full figuring throughout, we kept the natural Burl edge across the entire piece. Save for a rounded handle. Cherry Burl 28x22x1.3/4